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Plantable Notebook with Plantable Pen (MOQ 10)


Plantable Notebook & Pen Set – The Gift of Growth
Comes in a set of 10

Why Choose the Plantable Notebook & Pen Set?

This set is an ideal year-end gift for clients, employees, or friends to show appreciation and inspire a green thumb. The simple act of planting the notebook and pen can blossom into an experience, nurturing both plants and relationships. It’s a creative nudge towards environmental stewardship and a reminder of the growth and potential the new year brings.

Perfect for corporate gifting, personal presents, or as an addition to an eco-friendly product line, this set not only represents a commitment to sustainability but also serves as a metaphor for growth and renewal. Give the gift that grows with the Verdant Thoughts Plantable Notebook & Pen Set and let your recipients usher in the year with a promise of sustainability and new beginnings.

Order now and be a part of the change that sows the seeds for a better tomorrow!

Plantable Notebook & Pen Set – The Gift of Growth
Comes in a set of 10 

Product Highlights:

  • Set includes a plantable notebook and pen
  • Both items can be planted to grow into herbs or flowers
  • Made with eco-friendly, seed-infused paper

Product Description: Celebrate the end of the year with a gesture that leaves a lasting impression—the Verdant Thoughts Plantable Notebook & Pen Set. This unique duo is not only a thoughtful gift for someone special or a valued customer but also a step towards a greener earth. The pages of the notebook and the body of the pen are embedded with seeds, ready to turn ideas on paper into blossoms in the garden.

Key Features:

  • Eco-Conscious Materials: Both notebook and pen are made from sustainable, seed-infused paper.
  • Ready to Plant: Comes with clear instructions for planting, ensuring successful growth.
  • Versatile Seed Selection: Choose from a variety of seeds like wildflowers, herbs, or even vegetables.
  • Smooth Writing Experience: The pen provides a comfortable grip and smooth ink flow, perfect for jotting down notes.
  • Recycled Packaging: Comes in a recyclable package, staying true to the eco-friendly promise.


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