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Earth Seed Pods with Packaging (MOQ 10)


Why Choose Earth Seed Pods? These earth-shaped seed pods are a powerful statement piece for anyone looking to make a positive impact on the environment. They serve as an educational tool for schools, a creative gift for eco-conscious friends, or a memorable promotional item for businesses.

The process is simple: soak the seed pod, plant it in soil, and nurture it into life. As blossoms unfurl or herbs flourish, they become a living testament to the change each small action can spark.

Perfect for Earth Day events, corporate green initiatives, or as a thoughtful addition to your sustainable product line, TerraPod Seed Pods are more than a product; they’re an experience. A gift that grows, a lesson in care, and a step towards a greener future—all wrapped up in a simple, beautiful package.

Order now and be part of the change—sow the seeds of sustainability with Earth Seedpods

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Earth Seedpods -Shaped Seed Pods with Linen Bag – Plant a World of Difference

Product Highlights:

  • Earth-shaped seed pods crafted from recycled paper
  • Accompanied by a natural linen drawstring bag
  • Customizable label for a personal touch

Product Description: Inspire environmental stewardship with our Earth-Shaped Seed Pods, a symbolic nod to our planet’s well-being. These unique seed pods, made entirely from recycled paper, represent a commitment to the health and future of our Earth. Nestled within a chic, natural linen bag, each pod is a promise of growth and sustainability.

Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly Composition: Seed pods created from 100% recycled paper, promote waste reduction.
  • Ready-to-Plant Seeds: Pre-seeded pods with a mix of wildflowers, herbs, or vegetables, perfect for beginners and green thumbs alike.
  • Natural Linen Bag: Each set comes in a reusable linen drawstring bag, embodying the essence of sustainability.
  • Customizable Label: Personalize the included label for a heartfelt message or branding opportunity.
  • Tactile Experience: Feel the textured surface that reminds us of our connection to the natural world.


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